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Letter: Clouding the voices of reason

A recent letter to this paper is a great illustration of what is wrong in the debate over health care. Victor Young's comments serve only to divert attention from the real issues that should be addressed.

To say our system is the best in the world ignores the credible ranking of the World Health Organization where the U.S. ranks 37th. Would the best in the world produce that number?

His claim of people outside this country seeking medical treatment here diverts from the issue. They don't have our health insurance and the insurance industry has no bearing on their being here as they come here for the better facilities and technology we provide. Using that as an argument about insuring the uninsured is tantamount to using an apple to compare the quality of oranges.

The claim that a theological argument is erroneous, because of who Jesus is speaking to, begs the question "so what?" Would saying "help a stabbing victim" only be relevant if it was said to emergency personnel?

He implies the turning over of 20 percent of our economy is dangerous, but that happened prior to Obama being elected. President Obama, on the other hand, has allowed banks to begin buying back the government-owned shares, opposite of Mr. Young's claim.

He implies that our "freedom" is at stake but the current plan would add an insurance option to everyone's lives. Simply put, adding more choices gives more freedom to people.

Reasonable debate is needed from the left and the right. Nothing will get solved while these attempts to avoid the real issues cloud the voices of reason. We should all strive to understand what the real issues are, know the pros and cons, and make decisions based on rational discussion vs. unfounded and irrelevant accusations.

Craig Henslin