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Letter: Cola’s bias on causus reports?

Interesting. When did KWLM Radio become a Fox News affiliate?

The day after the precinct caucuses, KWLM News Director J.P. Cola reported on a local Republican caucus. It was a comprehensive report with information on candidates and policies.

He then reported, with a slight smile in voice, that there was a Democratic caucus where fights broke out, police were called, and the caucus had to be cancelled. That was all he reported, without even saying where it took place. In the Minneapolis paper the next day, the story was featured. It was an attempted caucus somewhere in Minneapolis involving Somalian immigrants.

The next day, Cola once again included in his “news” additional information on the local Republican caucus, not mentioning a word about any other caucus.

I attended my precinct caucus, a DFL caucus at the local courthouse, on that Tuesday. Believe it or not, we actually started the meeting by standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. There really was a genuine American flag there. After hearing from our state representative, Andrew Falk, we then proceeded with the rest of the agenda: nominating people as delegates, writing resolutions, and discussing current political issues, kind of just like what the Founding Fathers had intended.

I have listened to KWLM, off and on, for decades, and even worked there, with J.P. Cola, back in 1991. KWLM News has a rich history of responsible, legitimate, and quality journalism. I’m proud to acknowledge that Mr. Cola’s predecessor, Kay (Arne) Harrison, is from my hometown and a friend of mine.

It was very disappointing to listen to one of the most pathetic excuses for journalism I’ve ever heard locally. The content of those caucus reports qualified more as propaganda than news. I sincerely hope that this attempt at legitimate journalism will not be what we can expect from now on! Thanks for listening.

Ron A. Hanson