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Letter: A common-sense candidate for Senate 20

Seems to me the real issue in the politics of America anymore is simply this: Are we ready for America to become the counterpart of European socialism?

We're seeing and reading daily the economic struggles of various countries in Europe. At the current debt load piling up in America, we're not that far from the same financial disaster. And to the extent that the liberal segment of America keeps endorsing more entitlement protectionism for virtually every group, even every political entity that seems to have a new cause, if that keeps happening at its current rate an economic implosion is likely inevitable.

The current divisiveness of the mainstream of American politics certainly isn't the answer. It doesn't matter who has the ball and who's playing defense. The simple fact that neither side is willing to capitulate simply means there will be no winner. And in the process of that confrontation, we all are losers.

But we don't need to be. We need a strategy unencumbered with the rhetoric and the needless chatter of who's right and who's wrong. We need an independent spokesman with no baggage, no coattails, and no illusions of having to suck up to bigger money.

Such a man is Leon Greenslit, rural Franklin area ag businessman with family and history tied to the traditions of hard work and Christian ethics. A St. Olaf college graduate, Lee lives on a Century Farm in Birch Coulee Township, Renville County, purchased by his great-grandfather in 1868. He was Conservation Farmer of the Year for Renville County in 2000. Lee is a member of the Minnesota Corn/Soybean Growers Association and president of the United Methodist Church in Morton where he was baptized, confirmed and married. Greenslit's philosophy is crystal clear: The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.

I've known Leon Greenslit for 42 years. He's a down-to-earth ag businessman with accounting and business-savvy talents. District 20 needs common-sense thinking. Greenslit is that kind of a guy.

Richard Hagen