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Letter: Compassion within a tragedy

The bewildering and bizarre tragedy of the death of Lila Warwick has led to an incredible display of profound compassion and benevolence by her loved ones. Cheri, Katie and Molly Ekbom have exemplified an overwhelming empathy and an amazing altruism in expressing their agony over the loss of such a marvelously magnanimous and precious person. My family and I deeply admire and appreciate their acute insight and understanding of my son, Brok Junkermeier, and our family as shown by their sensitive statements and gifts of devotional literature.

We are also grateful for the professional and courteous manner in which the county jail staff and court personnel have handled the various matters in this case. In addition, the news reporters have also been professional and have respected our right to privacy and right to attend the court hearings without being harassed.

Bradley Junkermeier