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Letter: Confiscating our liberties

I just again read our Constitution and found nothing that says that Congress has the power to do what they are doing. They all, including the president, swore an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

From where I sit, I don't see or hear any of these people stating from where they get their authority to do any of what they are doing with "our" health care industry, energy industry, car companies, banks, etc. These are all private entities, or at least they were. All are, or at least were, operating profitably.

What changed? What caused their demise? Where does Congress have the authority to take property (money) from one individual who has worked to earn what they have and give it to another person to whom it does not belong? Why isn't anyone discussing that? Why isn't there any outrage over the total disregard of our founding documents? Why isn't there outrage over the confiscation of our individual liberties and freedoms? Why are people so willing to give up so much of their God-given rights and put those rights in the hands of government?

I haven't gotten an answer from my representation in Washington, so I thought I'd ask my fellow citizens.

Roger Baumann