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Letter: Consider the future of Willmar

 Voters in the city of Willmar have an exciting opportunity in front of them this November. Thanks to Marv Calvin’s passion for our community and his deep-seated desire to see us thrive, he has entered the race to become Willmar’s next mayor.

 Those who have had the opportunity to get to know Marv understand how his experience and values come together to create a strong leader. I personally have had the opportunity to work closely with Marv over the past one and a half years, and am continually impressed at his leadership skills, ability to bring people together, and innovative thought processes.


 Over the years, Willmar and the surrounding communities have established themselves as west central and southwest Minnesota’s regional economic and cultural center. There is no question in my mind that as Willmar’s next mayor, Marv Calvin will work collaboratively with business and community leaders to not only reinforce the standing of Willmar as a regional leader, but grow our communities in new and exciting ways.


 I encourage the citizens of Willmar to carefully consider their options before election day arrives, and decide what future they want for Willmar, and who can best deliver that future.