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Letter: Corporate campaigning

A drive from east to west through Willmar this election season revealed five businesses displaying Republican campaign signs.

As a livestock farmer, businessman and Democrat, I had been inclined to smile to myself, shrug my shoulders and do business with these companies anyhow. But that was some years ago.

Things have changed. Today, the names on these signs benefit from and participate in a media circus that labels me a traitor because I do not believe in our current wars of choice, a degenerate because I believe in equal rights for all, and a communist because I believe in Medicare for all.

Michael Reagan, one of their hired mouths on the radio, wants me executed because I don't believe the conclusions of the 9/11 commission. He says he will supply the bullet. Urging murder is common with these people. Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck regularly "put out contracts" on anyone they disagree with and there are plenty of loonies to take them up on it. The California Highway Patrol had to fight a gun battle with one of them several months ago.

I am sick of it and I won't cooperate anymore.

So I am starting to keep score. I won't be walking past those signs to do business from now on. No one is entitled to my trade.

So display some civic pride. Not everyone sees things as you do. Campaign signs of whatever party belong in front of your house, not your business.

Jim Van Der Pol