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Letter: Corporate control of politics

From BP to Wall Street bailouts, the news frustrates and angers voters like me, but it's important we recognize that these crises aren't caused by just a few out-of-control corporations.

In fact, it's becoming increasingly clear that the real problem is actually rampant corporate control of Washington. The recent financial donation to candidate Tom Emmer's campaign is a Minnesota example of continued attempts to hijack our democracy further.

Something needs to be done, now. It's time for Rep. Collin Peterson to help save our democracy by supporting the Fight Washington Corruption pledge. This pledge is part of's new campaign to rescue our democracy from corporate control and make government work for the other 98 percent of us who aren't represented by corporate lobbyists.

And I'm not alone. In fact, a new poll shows that by an overwhelming margin, voters in Minnesota are looking for elected officials to take bold stands to end the corporate corruption of our democracy.

Rep. Peterson has a chance to help save our democracy by supporting this pledge. Reining in the political influence of corporations is a big task, but the Fight Washington Corruption pledge is a huge step towards reclaiming our democracy on behalf of the 98 percent of us who can't hire corporate lobbyists.

Sandy Tracy