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Letter: The cost of immigration

Let us all hope that Ron Ronning's letter to the Public Forum will reach the attention of our policymakers in government, state and federal, and hope they realize that in four short paragraphs he expressed how many, if not all of us, feel about the need for changes being made in Washington if our nation is to survive as a great one to be admired.

Our immigration policy has to change if we want a safe, sane and solvent United States again. And closing our borders should be our No. 1 priority and the sooner, the better.

We can't welcome thousands to come to seek our jobs and carefree life when our own legal and longtime citizens have lost their jobs and pensions and have to worry about their family's future.

And giving our returning veterans that same worry because of a bad economy and higher taxes to cope with, and a big deficit to put up with for many years.

Our future looks bleak but there could be hope if those we elected to make our country grow and prosper would listen to its citizens and show concern for them above their concern for open borders and immigration without realizing what it has already cost our beloved United States as well as its taxpayers.

Gladys Johnson