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Letter: Costly proposals at Capitol

Why the rush to push through the Obamacare and cap and trade legislation? President Obama is doing the same thing that Hollywood does just before the Academy Awards; they bring out their best pictures so the voters for the Academy's minds will be fresh with the studio's best pictures. Only now it's just the reverse. The Obama administration is doing just the opposite.

If the elections were to be held this fall this legislation would not be on the agenda for Congress, because the Democrats know that if this were to be shoved down our throats just before election, the voters would have a very sour taste in their mouths and the incumbents that are up for election would be thrown out of office.

It has been estimated that the stimulus bill will be costing each American taxpayer $37,000. The Congressional budget has estimated that Obamacare will cost $1 trillion. There are estimates that cap and trade will raise gasoline and diesel costs by at least 75 cents a gallon and everything else that takes energy to get to you, the consumer!

If you want to see your tax bills and energy costs rise, sit idly by and do nothing, or call them and express your feelings. Remember a politician's No.1 priority is to get themselves reelected.

Earl Pederson