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Letter: Could the Tea Party be right?

Cynicism toward politicians of both parties is running high. Voters are convinced that our representatives are only looking out for themselves.

But let’s take another look. If it is true that Tea Party-leaning Republicans will be punished at the polls next election because of the government shutdown, why are they so intransigent? What is in it for them if the U.S. Treasury defaults and the nation goes back into recession? Surely they will be swept out of office by the dozen. Could it be that our premise is wrong and does not apply to Tea Party Congressmen?

What if they do not care about their personal futures in government? What if they are right about the fallacy of implementing the most expensive government entitlement program in the history of the world at the very same time our national debt is bumping up against the highest ceiling ever? What if they indeed are putting country ahead of their own political careers?

Whatever the motives of the Democrats and moderate Republicans might be in demonizing the Tea Party Congressmen, there is a clear contrast on display. One side promotes keeping our foot on the accelerator as the cliff approaches; the other is insistent that we ease up and even hit the brakes before it is too late. May our indecisiveness be short-lived.

Lowell Tieszen