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Letter: Council should accept change, Christianson was rude and unprofessoinal

OMG! Watch the City Council meeting from Aug. 20:

It was an interesting agenda at the City Council meeting. Ms. Stevens’ Option A and B presentation to the council was from a study done by professionals. The council it was presented to was, on the other hand, somewhat different.

Ron Christianson’s rude and unprofessional behavior disguised as a small-town person and big fan of less government control is ridiculous. Government control and simply diverting some of the administrative duties from the city engineering, to me, differ very much.

I clearly got the picture of the City Council members and so should you. Christianson thinks he was bullied in doing the city organizational structure study by a third party. He thinks we don’t need change when the county and other organizations statewide are going through change because times have changed. I believe he is not just afraid of change but thinks he was bullied and won’t accept it. I say, you represent me on the council and you should act like it.

Change is necessary. Change is why some of the council members hold an iPad. Some probably thought it was too complicated and stick to the notepad instead.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” — Charles Darwin