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Letter: The council's achievements

Our Willmar City Council is fixed, they should be applauded!

The hand-wringers and complainers ought to review what our City Council and mayor have accomplished these last 12 months. An incorrect impression has been foisted upon you by people who know better. A few who don't know just like to take a kick-at-the-can.

Take five minutes and search, council, and you will be reminded of all the good stuff done in a decisive cooperative spirit.

Only two items out of the many have become feisty, and the mayor broke the tie in favor of the Lakeland tax abatement; the singular remaining complaint for the naysayers is deferment of spending $20,000 with a consultant to learn of potential organizationally driven reductions of expense.

Replay the video -- there was no opposition to doing the study other than timing and opportunity to review the county's report. If the council would step up to the table and urge staff to move forward on changes and reductions previously identified, it might stimulate the desire to pay the consultant to learn of even more possibilities for cost saving. We don't need a new report to motivate management changes and we don't want it to just sit on the shelf. Waiting to spend more makes business sense.

The whole idea of don't ask questions of staff is ridiculous and inconceivable. The council and mayor are obligated to stimulate discussion, examine alternative options, and urge thinking outside the box for important decisions; it describes their responsibilities.

Discussion and asking for verification isn't disagreement, so get used to more openness. Adjusting to less local government aid handouts from St. Paul needs to encourage this dialogue rather than criticize it.

Change doesn't have to take years and years to implement; for example, urge both the county and city to establish collaboration committees for working together to eliminate duplication.

The opportunities seem endless. My search of the Tribune unearthed Mayor Yanish's 2011 pledge to downsize city government and become more transparent with city business. Thank you, council and mayor, for leading Willmar in a survival direction.

David Herzer, Willmar