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Letter: Crack down on drunk drivers

After hearing the news about a drunken driver killing a baby and critically injuring two other people, I am outraged. In addition to this story, there was an article in the paper within the last few weeks about a man who had been arrested for the ninth time because of impaired driving. Why do our laws allow people like this to be out on the road?

This recent tragedy and others could have been avoided if we handled drunken driving differently. Personally, I believe we need a three-strike rule. For the first DWI or DUI, the driver loses his/her license for six months. After the second offense, the driver loses his/her license indefinitely. If the driver gets caught a third time (let's face it, just because someone doesn't have a license does not mean the person won't drive again), he/she gets put in jail.

It is ridiculous that these people can continue to engage in such reckless behavior. The man who was involved with the crash that took the life of a baby had two prior convictions. Maybe if we had stricter drunken driving laws, one family would still be intact. I suggest we contact our legislators and tell them we've had enough.

Cheri Fjermestad

Granite Falls