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Letter: Critical help from crisis team

I want to say "Hats off" to the Youth Mobile Crisis Services. This group is relatively new and I used their services on March 18.

My son was having some major issues at home and I called the Youth Mobile Crisis team to see if someone could come out to assist me.

Lindsey, who answered the phone, was pleasant and didn't make me feel like an incapable parent. She asked very specific questions. After answering the questions Lindsey informed me that she needed to speak to a clinician, then would call me back. I waited about five minutes for her return call. Approximately 15 minutes after my call Lindsey and Ryan came to our home to help with the situation.

These two very caring and professional people provided nearly two hours of intense help for my family to de-escalate our situation. I was very impressed by their approach to my son and to myself and my husband. They did a great job at a time when everything could have gone wrong.

Our kids today are facing some intense obstacles that they cannot always handle on their own. Adolescents will not always listen to parents, thus the parents, at times, need outside help. Having this service available can be a lifesaver, to say the least.

If you are parenting a teen or youth and you find you may need help, don't hesitate to call. It is best to know the services available to you before a crisis arises. Their Web site explains the program at Their phone number is 320-231-9158 or 800-992-1716.

Youth Mobile Crisis serves families in Kandiyohi, Meeker, Swift, Renville, Chippewa and Lac qui Parle counties. Currently this program is funded by a grant so there is no cost to a family being served. I can only hope that other families use this service to help them in time of crisis with their kids.