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Letter: Cronyism at city hall?

I feel compelled to respond to your editorial of July 10, in which you accuse Councilman Ron Christianson of trying to micromanage city staff, among other trivia.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Christianson spoke his mind, which he has a right (and a duty) to do. I give Christianson credit for bringing up the issue of not being aware of an opening on the charter commission until he opened his agenda packet.

Then to find a recommendation from city staff to fill the vacancy was indeed interesting. Who asked the city staff for the recommendation? Did the mayor endorse the recommendation? As a member of the new charter commission I'd like to know.

Rest assured, the city administration and mayor would dearly love to load the new commission with their cronies so they can continue to run their kingdom without interruption or question.

Ask yourself one simple question. Why are we going through this in the first place (having a new charter commission)? The answer is also quite simple. Because city administration ignored the city charter! The city attorney advised the new committee that the charter is, in effect, the "constitution" under which the city operates.

Ignoring the charter was outright negligence on the part of the city administration, and begs the question of how many other sections of the charter, or other ordinances, etc., has city staff chosen to ignore during this 16- or 17-year period?

I have no problem with Verna Kelly's name being submitted for consideration, and I'm not saying she's part of the good old boys network. Frankly, I am leery of any recommendation for the open position that comes from the mayor or city staff.

(Just to set the record straight, I want to make it clear that these comments are mine alone, and do not reflect in any manner the feelings of other members of the new charter commission. They can speak for themselves, and I hope they do.)

John Tradup