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Letter: Croonquist's integrity

I would like to encourage the voters of the Willmar School District to vote for Dan Croonquist in the upcoming school board election. I have known and worked with Dan in different areas, and he has always shown integrity in everything he does. His decisions have always been made after careful consideration of all sides and he keeps the child's best interests first.

Croonquist's work experiences include positions which would be advantageous to the school board. As well as being a pastor, he has volunteered coaching in a number of different capacities, served on local community boards, and is a substitute teacher, which gives him great insight into the workings of our school system.

Croonquist was born and raised in Willmar and is very committed to our community. Because of his strong desire to improve our school district, his dedication to children and education, and his wisdom and fairness in his decision making, I would like to encourage you to vote for him on Nov. 2.

Brent Pederson