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Letter: A cushy deal for politicians

I wish I could write myself a raise.

If politicians would give the taxpayers the list of perks they get now, people would not believe their eyes. You don’t find too many part-time jobs that pay as well as they are.

How many jobs give a pension after only a few years with the company but a government job? Politicians must not consider all their perks when they say they haven’t had a raise since 1990. Why don’t I believe this information coming from a politician?

People like this even pass laws that say they get paid in a government shutdown. If these same people don’t work fast, our kids will be paying double the interest on their college loans. When they don’t pass a budget in the state or federal level, they should have their perks slashed.

In other professions, when you don’t perform you get let go or put in a lower position. When you are a politician you get a raise. I need a different job.

Mike Serbus