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Letter: The dangers of pesticides

I just read an article in the October/November issue of Mother Earth News that shocked me. Google "the effects of pesticides" and read an article that also treats this subject. This is serious for all of us. Just peeling a banana or apple doesn't solve the problem.

I knew there could be chemicals sprayed on the outside of vegetables which could possibly be washed off. According to the article, chemical systemic pesticides are actually absorbed by the plant when they are applied on the seeds, plants, or soil. The chemicals are then circulated throughout the plant's tissues, killing the insects that feed on them.

These chemicals kill life in the insects. A worm doesn't have to eat a whole head of lettuce to get zapped. How much can I eat before they will affect me? What does it do to my life cells? I am not the size of an insect. But if these pesticides are coming at me from many different sources, when will they begin affecting my health? How will they affect me?

I won't go into how extensively these pesticides are used. You might be surprised in the percentage of produce they are found. Talk to the beekeeper and find out what these pesticides have done to the bee population. Not all countries of the world allow these chemicals. Who is looking out for us here?

What are our choices?

Limit your intake of these pesticides by buying organically, have even a small garden, freeze, dehydrate and can the produce you grow, plant a fruit tree, sprout seeds, shop the farmer's market and ask the growers if they use these pesticides.

By the way, there are natural products and ways of dealing with most insect problems. Through faith in Christ heaven is my home. Until then, I don't need pesticides to add to my misery here.

LeRoy Lothert