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Letter: A day of reckoning is coming

I am sad when I see my country destroying itself from within.

The American society has become mature. It has progressed from a society of rugged individualism to one of entitlement dependency. People in this country are using their animal instinct of herding to follow each other into dire consequences. More independent and discerning thinking would be an asset.
 When I view the debt clock, I shudder. The people of this country and their leaders seem to be looking the other way and being oblivious to its future consequences. There will be a day of reckoning and it won’t be pretty. This country is leaderless and it seems to be floundering about, unable to come to grips with its problems. What would the world be like if there would be no United States of America?Is there any leader out there in this country who can lead it back to its roots, purpose, and reason for being? Hello! Hello? Neale L. Deters Granite Falls