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Letter: The death of a science myth

Socialists are suffering a mighty blow to their theory of man-caused global warming. Recently hundreds of secret e-mails have been exposed proving that there is no such thing as global warming. The proponents of this myth are scrambling like a room full of rats that just had the lights turned on.

This news is reason for much rejoicing. The cap-and-trade legislation has now become a waste of time. We can cancel production of those silly-looking light bulbs. We will continue to drive the cars we want to drive, not the ones the government will tell us to drive. Energy bills will not skyrocket. The Big Stone power plant project can be reopened. Tax increases will become tax cuts and joblessness will plummet.

There will be some expense involved. Those junk scientists will have to be exposed and punished for all the damage that they have done. Al Gore, the guy who would never debate global warming, will also have to be investigated. Perhaps we now know why he wouldn't debate.

Science publications will need to be taken to task for not publishing the numerous reports of skeptical scientists. Also, schools and colleges will have to buy new science textbooks disclaiming the theory of global warming, while the history books will have to include a section showing how the people of the world were almost duped into the biggest hoax ever concocted by man.

Yes, this is truly good news. However, if you are one of the few that look at this as bad news, realize your agenda is that of socialism, not truth. Who can be against truth unless truth is not what you are after? Over the last number of years, skeptical global warming letters to the editor have taken a number of hits by pro-global warming respondents. To all these respondents we would like to say, "We are ready to accept your apology!" If this is too hard to do, call a fellow socialist and tell him about the bad day you are having.

Rodney Jans