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Letter: A decisive tax vote

Your vote next Tuesday will determine how much you'd like to pay in increased taxes at the federal, state and Willmar level. You are going to get a "kick-at-the-can" for each one. Be certain you want the highest tax bill back in the mail or vote "No," or vote for individuals wanting to reduce spending and hold the line on our taxes.

Holding the line isn't as though we aren't feeding the political frenzy a good meal. We spend among the highest for education, welfare, public employees, government infrastructure, and prisons even before any new tax hikes. We spend the least for outsourcing from private sources and adopting innovative ideas. We have been successful in driving employers out of our state. Government expansion never makes up for private-sector jobs.

Fewer jobs are on the horizon if you vote for the wrong person. Property tax increases translate into a slower market and lower home values. Too bad the economy is uncertain but if your purse is full -- go ahead, vote for the usual... and you may get it. If your purse isn't full or you are concerned about the future, well, I think you know what to do.

Wars have been fought and won protecting your secret ballot -- vote Tuesday for jobs, lower taxes and the values you want expressed in our government. Just smile when your neighbor asks, "Who did you vote for?"

Paul Hoffer

Co-Chair, Kandiyohi County Republicans