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Letter: Definition of a progressive

In a fund-raising speech Bill Clinton said the elections of Nov. 3 are a referendum on Obama, the health care bill, and our progressive agenda. Hillary Clinton says, "I am a progressive, not a liberal." Obama ran on change and the need to transform this country. McCain said, "Put country first." While their emphases were different, Americans had a choice between progressive light and progressive heavy.

The same occurred in the 1912 election between Taft, Teddy Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. Roosevelt ran on the "New Nationalism." Wilson ran on the "New Freedom." Both were progressives. Roosevelt believed the state should regulate and control key businesses. Government should effect economic equality by superintending the use of private property. Wilson believed the president should be the voice of the populace and superintend the separation of powers. Wilson was elected by falsely portraying himself as a small-government Jeffersonian against the big-government Hamiltonian Roosevelt. Wilson's papers from Princeton revealing his progressive views were sealed and only recently published.

What are progressives? They believe in progress (change) that moves beyond the founding principles of America. They deny the fixed universal principles of natural law. The Constitution is viewed as a living document open to change to meet current circumstances. Progressives advocate pure democracy or socialism (considered fundamentally the same) as opposed to a republic. They advocate collective rights over those of the individual, just the opposite of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Progressives espouse big government, heavy regulation, and a populist rule centered in the president (usage of czars), not the separation of powers in three branches of government. While their idea of progress is open, their policy of administration is secret. Decisions are made behind closed doors by the few enlightened elite.

The Founding Fathers would be anti-progressive The question is, where do we stand? For America to endure requires informed people that fight for limited government founded on "the Laws of Nature and Nature's God" (Declaration of Independence).

Ron Snyder