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Letter: The DFL's expensive line-up

"Common sense, character, integrity" is the headline in the newspaper ad describing the DFL party line-up. Do these words portray how they vote? Do you endorse their social issues -- gay marriage, government-paid abortions, marijuana, racino, no voter ID and a wink at illegal immigration?

If you can get past those issues, how about adding anti-business? Do you realize that's why jobs are leaving Minnesota? Opposition to mainstream solutions like nuclear power, Big Stone II and distribution lines for wind and coal power describe what today's DFL candidate votes against; not what your father's DFL vote would have meant. The innocent newcomers in the candidate list might feel they can buck the trend; when they get to St. Paul they won't want to be on the outside looking in.

Can you afford what is coming down the DFL pipeline? All DFL candidates promise higher taxes and they only argue about how much is enough. Add that to the reduced value of your home and your checking account after your property taxes go up 13 percent if you vote "yes." Do you feel the pain now or does that make you pause and wonder if there is another way? Record unemployment is forecast to last at least another two years across the country. We'll just have to wait and see if Minnesota will be that lucky or if DFL-inspired higher taxes continue to drive jobs to the Dakotas and beyond.

If you happen to be a senior, don't think you are exempt from being hurt by all this. Remember, a "no" vote doesn't mean you don't like kids or that you don't think education doesn't matter; of course it does. It means you know throwing more money at education never bought a better grade or a more successful kid. It means your support is going to wait until the system promises to reform its ways. Not to worry, Obama gave them an extra $1 million to tide them over for now.

Just vote like the ad said, common sense, character and integrity.

Karen Nelson