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Letter: A dismaying act of vandalism

Each year we look forward to being a part of a dedicated group of volunteers that prepare and serve a free noon lunch for veterans at the Willmar American Legion. Since we are not veterans but have lost a family member during the Vietnam Conflict, we welcome this opportunity not only to show our gratitude to veterans but to demonstrate how proud we are to be Americans.

As owners of a local business we also seek to demonstrate this pride by flying a lighted American flag in front of our business. We begin each work day by seeing that it is flying freely and by rendering a respectful salute.

Imagine our dismay when we went to work the day following the veterans' lunch to not only find the flag missing but to find the pole broken into three pieces, as well. We will replace the pole and flag and continue our message of respect.

What concerns us most is the message sent by the vandals. They obviously had no respect for this country, or our veterans, not to mention the property of others.

We would like to suggest these individuals take some of the spare time they obviously have to reflect on all the benefits we all have simply by living in this country. Perhaps then they could find a more appropriate action directed toward the symbol of our freedom.

Ginger and Bruce Dexter, Willmar