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Letter: Disrespect to grieving families

We are extremely angry and outraged by the actions of the Spicer City Council regarding the use of the Spicer cemetery.

For years, on Memorial Day (formerly known as Decoration Day), we have honored our departed loved ones by placing flowers on their graves.

Now, suddenly, we have been denied that right and privilege by the City Council who has decreed that we can no longer put flowers on the graves. This past Memorial Day, many of us, as we have done for many years, placed flowers on the graves of our family members. The day after Memorial Day city workers stripped the graves of all the flowers, callously and unceremoniously threw all of the artificial flowers into a Dumpster and piled the live flowers beside a shed. They deposited the hangers, urns, statues, plant holders, etc., behind an old shed well hidden from public view.

What will happen to those expensive items? Will they be disposed of as quickly as the expensive artificial flowers were? Imagine, too, the anguish of one family who came from out of state to visit the graves of their family, only to find those graves devoid of flowers because they had been thrown into a Dumpster!

The current cemetery policy reads as follows: "The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all floral designs, plants, row herbage of any kind from the Cemetery as soon as they become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, or diseased, or when they do not conform to the standards prescribed by the Cemetery."

We do not think that any of the flowers had become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, or diseased in the short time that they were out there. By removing and destroying the flowers (without warning anyone), the council and the mayor have shown a blatant lack of respect for all people, and that action is deemed unconscionable and unforgivable by those of us who were honoring and paying our respects to our departed family members.

Arlys Ousman

and 30 others