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Letter: Do citizens have a voice?

In regard to the Diamond Lake sewer debacle, it looks like the citizens of Diamond Lake have no voice in what happens to their property. After several meetings of the Diamond Lake Association and its members, data has been reported to show that 70 percent of the property owners do not want a sewer system.

In a democracy that would seem to matter. Our esteemed Kandiyohi County Commissioners tell us we need a sewer system. They have offered one more meeting on Friday, Sept. 18.

Is it a done deal? Or will the property owners have a voice? It's been proven, with water studies, that a sewer system around our lake has nothing to do with improving water quality. In fact our water has been beautiful for the past years because of dry weather conditions preventing runoffs from fields miles away from entering several tiled openings around our lake.

If the sewer system is forced upon us, it won't be long until people around our lake will experience what some people around Green Lake found out. We will be forced to leave because we can't afford living here anymore. Long past is the privilege of owning and enjoying small lake cabins, which have been in families for generations, because the powers that be wish to assert their authority.

It seems hugely undemocratic to me. Democratic Sen. Al Franken was quoted in the Sept. 4 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, front page no less, saying, "I'm going to vote the way I want to vote... I use my independent judgment." In other words Sen. Franken and the commissioners have something in common; they don't have to listen to their constituents. They can just vote their independent judgments.

Hiding behind the skirts of certain state mandates, which have not been proven in the courts, is no excuse. A sewer system around our lake will certainly take pressure off our commissioners by letting Diamond Lake property owners help pay for Green Lake's sewer system. The majority of us don't want to do that!

Mary Anderstrom