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Letter: The do-nothing Republicans

New London,Minnesota 56201
New London Minnesota 2208 Trott Ave. SW / P.O. Box 839 56201

How can some Republicans call themselves Americans when they don’t care for the elderly and needy by fighting against food stamps and medical needs?

How can they risk our democracy by shutting down our government? It could have caused our nation to lose its worldly status and potentially send us back into a recession.

The rich pay a lower percent of their income on taxes than the lower classes but Republicans will not increase their taxes. The rich are getting richer while everyone else is falling behind. It’s not fair.

Republicans create no legislation. No jobs bills. Some time ago President Obama offered a huge national infrastructure jobs bill. Republicans spout about jobs, jobs, jobs but they just said no. The Senate recently passed legislation but House Speaker John Boehner will not even bring it to a vote. Our nation is going nowhere and that is what the Republicans want. Scary!

Graden West

New London