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Letter: Do your part to protect lakes

After reading the article "Kandiyohi County among leaders in enforcement" dealing with aquatic invasive species in the Jan. 14 paper, I felt proud of our county for stepping up the enforcement but couldn't help feeling defeated when I realized how poorly other counties are doing in the fight to control invasive aquatics.

The article sparked my interest, so I did a little research on the Department of Natural Resources website, which has a list of invasive species in Minnesota and which lakes are contaminated. I was heartbroken upon seeing so many infestations. Thirty-three counties were swarming with Eurasian water milfoil, including Kandiyohi County. Of course, we've been combating this for years, but it's still astonishing how aggressive these species are.

I was glad to see zebra mussels have yet to attack any lakes in our county but very disappointed once again from the long list of already infested lakes. I had no idea there were so many waters bombarded with zebra mussels in Minnesota -- more than 100 lakes, rivers, and unnamed wetlands. This has got to be contained if we want our beautiful lakes preserved.

I applaud our county's officers who enforce the laws in place to protect our local lakes, but they can only do so much. As a young member of the community concerned for the future of Minnesota waters, I ask boaters, fishermen, recreationalists, and everyone using the privileges of the lakes to be more aware of the easy spread of invasive species. Do your part so that the lakes stay clean and enjoyable for everyone, including the native species already living there.

Hannah Brown

New London