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Letter: Don't be fooled by Romney

How can anyone with an engaged mind even think of Mitt Romney? He has constantly lied to us and changes his position on the issues every other day.

He'll tell any group just what they want to hear. Now he is courting the women. These Republicans have shown a real disdain for women. Romney is against equal pay for women. That's the first bill President Obama signed into law -- he really cares.

Romney always talks about creating jobs. This is the guy who, as head of Bain Capital, closed down manufacturing plants, putting workers out of jobs, then shipping those jobs overseas. This is what he knows best.

Right now a Bain company manufacturing plant in Freeport, Ill., which has been making a great profit, is being closed and shipped to China, losing jobs for all those workers. To add insult to injury, the Chinese workers have been brought here to be trained by those fired workers.

But this is how these billionaires operate -- anything for a bigger profit. Romney let us see what an unprincipled man he really is when he talked to his rich friends behind closed doors and gave up on 47 percent of us leeches. I'm sure I'm one of them -- are you?

Romney is a very, very wealthy man who has stashed his fortunes in a Swiss bank or the Cayman Islands. If he really loves his country, wouldn't he want to help by paying his fair share? Wouldn't it be fun to actually see his tax returns?

On the day Obama was being inaugurated, the Republican congressmen were meeting to decide how to make him a one-term president. These are the people Obama had to work with. It's a wonder he got anything done at all.

Now if you believe any of Romney's devious ways or many lies, then -- like the very good and expressive black reverend, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Mayme Lynch