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Letter: Don't believe Rep. Peterson

Rep. Collin Peterson should perhaps think of a more believable excuse for not holding town hall meetings in the 7th District.

The idea that one of every four constituents (25 percent) in the rural 7th District believes that the Bush administration was responsible for taking down the Twin Towers on 9/11 is a bit extreme. This statement made by Collin Peterson in the July 28 issue of the West Central Tribune is cited as the reason he is not holding meetings in the 7th District.

Instead could it be that Peterson is using this charade to hide, because of his switch to supporting the "cap and trade" bill? The bill will cost all of us citizens and businesses billions in the future. Of course he did state in the article last week that he had to work with his fellow Democrats so he could get concessions for the farmers. As a side note, he did say these concessions were only until more "studies" can be conducted. We all know these "studies" can be twisted to prove anything they want them to say.

Harriet Link