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Letter: Don't let GOP win the election

Please, Democrats, get out and vote this November.

Minnesota has a lot of problems that need solutions. The worst thing that can happen is to give control of our state to another Republican governor. Especially a party that would favor high-income households over the needs of the common folk.

It is depressing to have a governor drop funding for programs affecting the elderly and children, such as medical needs and school programs.

He wouldn't increase the tax rate on the rich to previous levels for selfish reasons. It would negatively affect his chance to run for the U.S. presidency.

During those higher tax levels the rich survived and our state and nation flourished and budgets were balanced. Was that so bad?

Enter eight years of George W. Bush. Catastrophe! Now all the Republicans do is fight as hard as they can to block any possible progress President Obama attempts. His task is almost insurmountable. It's amazing that he has accomplished even some of his goals. Why do Republicans care so little for our nation? They continue their obstructionist activities. They want a return to power where they will repeat the destructive policies of the past, such as deregulation, that got us into this mess. Don't let that happen!

Graden West

New London