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Letter: Don't steal signs

Today when I returned home from work, the Vote No marriage amendment sign that was in my yard when I left in the morning was no longer there. It was not a windy day, so the only reasonable explanation is that someone trespassed on my property and stole my sign.

I'll never know the person who took my sign. I'll never know why they think my opinion that the proposed marriage amendment should be defeated is so dangerous that they felt the need to steal my sign to keep others from seeing it.

If they had chosen to talk to me instead, I might have learned why they believe the Minnesota constitution should be permanently changed to deny gays and lesbians the ability to marry.

I might have learned why they think that the gay and lesbian couples they know should not be able to stay with each other in the hospital, or enjoy the various tax benefits of being married.

I might have learned why they think the children of gay and lesbian couples shouldn't be able to have parents who are married. I might have learned why they think some of their neighbors deserve less than equal treatment, simply because of who they are. I might have learned the reasons why they think those things.

But I'll never know those things about the person who stole my sign. All I know about them is that their reasons for thinking those things must be incredibly bad, because rather than explain them to me they resorted to theft to try to prove their point instead.

They failed.

Aaron Welch