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Letter: Don't like taxes? Try anarchy

I guess a lot of people are upset by the latest Supreme Court ruling on health care. So much so that many have said they were going to leave this country.

Well, OK, go. There will still be about 300 million-plus of us here to carry on as best we can.

This solution to their unhappiness set me to thinking about all the other unhappy Americans who want to shrink the government down to nothing, not have to pay taxes, not have to have health insurance, get rid of Social Security, Medicare, and to be able to go around with fully loaded assault weapons.

Well, there is a place that will allow you to live out your dreams. It is called Somalia.

From what I hear, not only can you carry assault weapons, you can actually shoot people. Hallelujah! Caution! Others can also shoot you, so keep moving. There are no government workers there, but if someone comes up to you and tells you to buy health insurance, just shoot them. The only drawback I can think of in this plan for you is that there is no pizza delivery.

But since this place already exists, please leave this country alone and don't try to turn it into a Somalia. Somehow we Americans have managed for over 200 years without the need to use AK-47s on a daily basis against our neighbors, and we have a pretty good military to fend off foreign invaders.

And some of us think we get a pretty good deal for the taxes we pay. We get to live in the best country that has ever existed.

Dennis Ideker