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Letter: Don't turn from God

The fact that we are even debating the definition of marriage is just one of many telltale signs that our society is running away from God, running away from truth, and defining and understanding ourselves separate from Divine Revelation and from the God who made us. Dr. Dean Wenthe put it this way "Whenever and wherever the one true God is rejected, the devaluation of humanity will follow."

We all believe in something that helps us answer all of life's big questions, namely, Who am I?, Why am I here?, Where did all this come from?, What is my purpose?, Is there a god?, What is my destiny?, and the truth is that we will either believe the truth or a lie.

What we have in our culture today is a battle between competing worldviews. One worldview says we came from God, another from evolution, yet another says we've always been here.

One worldview says there is a standard for morality. There is a right and wrong. Behind every moral law there is a moral law giver. God is that moral law giver and he is our standard for morality.

Another says everything is relative, what's true for you is not necessarily true for me; we make it up as we go. We are the standard. We determine what's right and wrong. Basically we are god. They think this is all well and good until another god comes in and has another standard of right and wrong that is imposed on theirs.

In terms of the marriage debate, there is no 'amoral' side. Both sides of the debate are imposing a morality. The question then is which one is right?

What are we as a society are going to stand for and support? In the garden before the fall, God officiated the first wedding and established marriage as a very good part of his creation.

The first institution that God established was not government, not the university, but the family. The family institution remains foundational for the proper functioning of any civilized society. If the family breaks down, society will break down with it.

The fact that many in our society support same sex marriage shows that many have rejected God and once again, the devaluation of humanity will follow. The more we as a society continue to call good evil and evil good, the more our civilization will continue to decline.

Nathan Scheele