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Letter: Down the path of servitude

It is clearly evident that the lifetime legislators, widely known as the Ruling Class, have led our states and nation down the path of bankruptcy, bondage and generational servitude. Their policies of borrow, spend, taxation, credit, corruption, coercion and regulation are stealing our freedoms and killing our liberties.

They never seem to have enough revenue, spend enough or have big enough government to fix our ills, but it is they who have created these messes we're now in. Their words are compelling, sweet as honey, but their results are wrong, bitter vinegar. The evidence is clear, by their fruit we know they are wrong.

How long will these enlightened educated fools with their nonsense rule over us? We need to go in a different direction. It is time to put in common-sense conservative voices of principle who can restore our government to sanity, fiscal responsibility and restraint.

Richard Jenny