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Letter: The downfall of our nation

 An open letter to former President George H.W. Bush:


 I know you are requesting money, not advice, but please read this anyway. As an American voter, I am disappointed with both Republicans and Democrats. Our government is broke in many ways, and neither party seems willing to do anything concrete about it. Nothing but talk and posturing for future elections. Do and say anything to win, but don’t solve or address the real issue(s).


 Our government was founded on the Christian/Judeo belief, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12). We are floundering because of our conduct. The Lord is no longer our God. We’ve kicked him out of our schools and other public places, even though our origins as a nation are proclaimed on most of our government documents and buildings.


 We have decided to be like other nations. Worship any and all the so-called gods, except the one true God, and they will save us, or we’ll save ourselves. That never worked for any nation, including Israel, when they ignored “The Lord.” Read their history! It won’t work for us either!


 Worldly people want a “Bread King.” “Give us Bread and Barabbas; we don’t want the Lord.” That’s where we as a nation are right now. Hitler was a megalomaniac. He promised Germany he would be a “Bread King”, and they gave him power. The same can be said for Stalin, Mao Zedong, and others.


 The problem is not just with our leadership; it’s also with the people. But sheeple follow leaders. When they have George Washington or King David, they have peace and prosperity. When they choose and have bad leaders, President “so and so”, or King Saul, they have turmoil and lack. Witness our country’s history and present condition.


 So no; I am not sending any money in response to this appeal. I am retired on fixed income; and I will need what I have earned through hard work and savings, to pay present and anticipated future taxes, until I pass on or until we as a our . 

Lyle H. Nelson

New London