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Letter: The echo chamber of opinion

Talking heads on TV are not good sources of objective information that can be relied upon for our present dilemma of Congressional stalemate, since it is to their advantage to stoke the fires of controversy just to keep TV addicts tuned in to their everlasting bloviating.
Any issue, significant or insignificant, must be inflated to provide their insatiable need for top ratings or their jobs are in jeopardy. Therefore the longest and most entrenched are the least to be trusted. They have made a fine art of obfuscation and hostility.Media news as it is presented today on public TV is without doubt the most reliable and balanced, though true objectivity can never be totally achieved by any news media. Furthermore we tend to listen only to those stations that reinforce our own take on matters political, economic or otherwise.No wonder that our representatives to state and federal capitols are at a stalemate since they exactly reflect the views of ourselves, their electors.How then can we hope for any change in either St. Paul or Washington, D.C., if such is the case? Pogo, the cartoon character, said it best years ago: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”Lee PaulsonGlenwood