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Letter: Editorial's criticism was unfair

I think it would be wise for the West Central Tribune to make contact with the city government before spouting their opinions about what they should do with regards to the old airport property.

In their March 5 editorial, the Tribune says some true and good things in the first four paragraphs. But this was fact that everyone already knows. When I got to the part about our new Mayor Frank Yanish's intention to resolve this airport issue early in his administration having not come to fruition, in my opinion it is a shot that shouldn't have been taken.

Mayor Yanish has been sworn in as mayor of Willmar for a total of 55 days. The previous mayor had over six years to find a solution to the problem of the city council and staff putting over $5.8 million into infrastructure into the old airport, which they did without approval of the FAA and also donating land for the new Humane Society building, again without permission of the FAA as the land had not been released to the city. The complexities of government started with the previous mayor, council and staff happened because of their blatant disregard for higher authority.

Now the Tribune thinks that Mayor Yanish should have done something about the problem in 55 days. Get real!

If the Tribune would have called the mayor before writing the editorial, perhaps you would have found that a meeting has already been set up within the next two weeks to meet with the state and FAA to hopefully come up with a resolution to the problem.

John Sullivan