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Letter: Is ELCA caving in to gays?

Blasphemy: A seldom heard word that means contempt for God or sacred things. Bishop Mark Hanson and our own Bishop Jon Anderson seem to be on a pre-destined "unfaithful journey" towards giving in to the gay community.

ELCA Bishop Hanson has said that he had no opinion other than to give the issue to a task force. That, of course, is a political ploy giving room to see if we turn towards the current cultural trend or stand by the Bible.

Our own Bishop Anderson does not want to rock the boat, so his position is that he really can't tell each church what to do. With a few more slick maneuvers on the convention floor in August of this year in Minneapolis, they will have completed what they had set out to do many years ago.

Unless people start standing up for the word of God, we will in a very short time see two men or two women walking down the aisle of ELCA churches to be wed in "holy matrimony." If you are unsure of the authority of Scripture and want to look at it from the secular view, go to and click onto gay lifestyle and health issues. There are many pages of grim statistics.

The Bible clearly calls for love and compassion, but also calls us to hear the whole truth. To enable those addicted to homosexuality, our bishops are suggesting we turn to our own experiences and wisdom, ignoring the authority of Scripture. That seems to be the course the ELCA and Bishop Anderson are taking.