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Letter: Emmer, Peterson endorsement

At the state level, I dread the thought of taxes and spending getting out of control. I, also, don't wish to see the definition of marriage changing. The correct equation should remain indefinitely: Marriage equals one man plus one woman. I wholeheartedly endorse Thomas Emmer (Republican) for Minnesota governor.

As for our 7th Congressional District race, I endorse for re-election Collin Peterson, a "right-wing" Democrat. I am proud to personally know Peterson.

Peterson is among seven Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to consistently vote against President Barack Obama's radical ideas.

Note, Collin Peterson did vote "aye" on "cap and trade," but regrets it. Peterson is hoping for "cap and trade" to die by a U.S. Senate filibuster. He's getting his wish, but it gets back to the House, he'll vote "nay." Hurray!

As I was saying about the seven Democrats against President Obama, six are in "Dixie" and Peterson is the only one outside of "Dixie."

In closing, I gladly give Collin Peterson a "glad'' endorsement: pro-gun rights, pro-life, pro-Amtrak and pro-defense of marriage.

Merlin Marlowe