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Letter: The end of America is coming

In writing this letter I fear of being branded a street corner preaching Christian with folded hands and saintly smile. I am not! I will make judgments because we are a nation in spiritual decline and are departing from God at rocket speed.

When very young my faith was the size of a pinto bean, but as I grew older so grew my need for Christ. I see how we have driven God out of our national and private lives. We have cut ourselves off from the faith that established this great nation and we have become strangers to God.

Long ago, those that founded America knew its rise or fall would depend on its relationship with God. Well, America rose to heights that no other nation has known. We were the most prosperous, the most powerful and the most blessed. We are where everyone wants to be. We have helped the needy of the world, fought tyranny and brought hope to millions.

Our people walked with their heads held high, men provided well for their families and women stayed home and raised their children and all had free time to enjoy the wonders of this great country. These blessings are slowly being withdrawn. I believe we are given warnings to return to the teachings of Christ and I think 9/11 was allowed to happen as such a warning

America has never been sin-free and we have struggled to go forward, not backward as we are doing now. The fall began when we took prayer out of our schools, banned the Ten Commandments from public places and replaced God in our public and private lives with sensuality, greed, materialism, and sexual immorality. What we once considered immoral is now accepted. We are growing more crude and vulgar on our streets, on television, in books, and in our movies and we have torn the innocence of childhood from our children.

The end of America is coming, one way or the other. Will it be with the teachings of Christ or the acceptance of the other?

Patricia Carter Harding, Willmar