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Letter: Endorsement was propaganda

After reading the West Central Tribune's editorial endorsement of Congressman Collin Peterson, I was nothing short of appalled.

The West Central Tribune is certainly entitled to its own opinion, but this opinion should be backed up by facts, which it was not. Anything less than the truth amounts to a deliberate deceit of the public. As readers (and customers), we deserve an apology.

The Tribune bragged about what Collin Peterson has done for agriculture in the political sector, conveniently forgetting what Lee Byberg has done for agriculture in the private sector -- running a company that has created 600 jobs in the Willmar area alone.

The Tribune said Peterson opposes government spending -- are they aware he voted for the most recent $26 billion bailout package? The Tribune referred to Peterson as a "maverick that defies the party label." Is voting with Nancy Pelosi nearly 94 percent of the time a "maverick" characteristic? That's a full percentage point higher than the average Democrat.

Either the West Central Tribune is engaged in deliberate propaganda, or they are accidentally mistaken in their endorsement. As a subscribing reader, I sure hope it is the latter.

Tim Chermak