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Letter: An error in map interpretation

The Tribune very graciously printed a correction for their typographical error on a figure in my recent letter and I quickly forgave them.

Now I must graciously admit an error I made, for I misinterpreted a map with welfare expenditures listed for every state to actually be for each state when instead it actually was a report on where only Minnesota welfare funds were spent in each state.

I knew Minnesota wasn't far from the top but really questioned how Minnesota could spend so terribly much more money than other states. But when my calls to the welfare office weren't returned, I wrote the letter assuming it actually was that bad.

Exploding out-of-state costs are costing taxpayers millions of dollars. When in 2007 there were 309,717 transactions outside the state of Minnesota (126 in Hawaii) which totaled $10,226,758.50, it was cause for great alarm for me. Exactly how can people so poor they are on welfare be traveling to all these other states, especially Hawaii? The EBT card provides cash and food support but how can we know what they're spending the cash on?