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Letter: Ethanol is the answer

The United States has spent an estimated $767 billion to $811 billion since invading Iraq over 10 years ago, according to the Congressional Budget Office. How much of this is tied to oil?

Have we all forgotten the wars fought, money spent, and the lives lost fighting an addiction that our country has?

We need ethanol! It is the only domestic renewable fuel that reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil. What better than to produce this renewable product right here at home? American ethanol creates over 400,000 jobs while contributing $42.4 billion to the gross domestic product.

According to a 2010 study by both Iowa State and University of Wisconsin, domestic ethanol production helped keep gasoline prices nearly $1/gallon lower to consumers. Just think if we had to pay another $1 at the pump! Ethanol is our country’s answer to foreign oil addiction.

Noah Hultgren