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Letter: Everyone thinks their opinion is right

Ever heard the saying, "Opinions are like..." well you got the idea. After reading comments lately, I have come to the decision that everyone thinks their opinion is gold, regardless of the topic. I think that we have a feeling of entitlement and righteousness today.

I know what I think and believe; you know what you think. Why is it some feel the need to push their view to be "right"? How can one person be completely right? I think tolerance for others' thoughts is not too much to ask for. I have seen personal name calling and been party to political name calling. I have said the phrase "right wing nut" and meant it, but when it comes to personal attacks for another's view on political issues, there is just something that doesn't sit right!

In a day and age that compassion is at a low, I think we need to gather together and fight for each other, not divide ourselves by parties or views. Somehow we have moved away from "Love thy neighbor," while still claiming our religion. How devout can we claim to be while putting each other down?

People need to come together and work as a team to get things for all done. We need to fight together in this desperate time, not fight each other. Working against each other is no longer a viable option. If ever there was a time to take down the walls, it would be now when so many are struggling.

We need to take each other by the hand and create the force of a nation that cannot be defeated. If we fracture now, others will notice and take advantage of it! We will stand as a country in ruins, not as the country to be reckoned with. We once were the nation that all others looked to and feared the wrath of. Now we are the butt of the jokes they tell! What is it going to take for this nation to come together and work as a team?

Denise Shoultz