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Letter: Eye-opening safety statistics

Safe jobs save lives, distracted driving doesn’t. Workers Memorial Day on April 28 is a day to remember workers who have suffered, been injured or died on the job.

Isn’t it sad that not a year goes by when a worker or motorist isn’t injured or killed on the job or on our highways, many of them in work zones?

Sad too that not a year goes by that a state trooper or snow plow isn’t rear-ended.

Distracted driving is another serious problem. Did you know that in Minnesota there were over 1,900 crashes in a work zone, resulting in three deaths? In some cases the motorist themselves lose their life.

Did you also know that according to the American Traffic Safety Services Association website, 1,000 deaths occur nationally in work zones, or that a person is two and a half times more likely to die on a rural road than on an urban one?

Pretty eye-opening statistics. Here’s hoping that you have a safe year, so you don’t become the next statistic.

Hugh Smith, Granite Falls