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Letter: Facts vs. lies about Israel

In response to Patrick Foley’s letter Friday: It is downright dumbfounding to realize that many people like Mr. Foley can still believe and propagate the lie that Israel is an evil apartheid occupier.

Any half-hearted attempt at an honest look at the facts of history would show what an outrageous lie it is. Israel has many Arab citizens who live free, work, own land, and vote in Israeli elections.

But the Palestinian leadership has made it perfectly clear that no Jew will ever be permitted to live in any future Palestinian state. Palestine will be “Judenrein,” cleansed of Jews. So you tell me who has the “apartheid” mentality.

And every time Israel makes painful concessions to try to build trust between Palestinians and Israelis as it did in vacating and turning over Gaza to the Palestinians, it is rewarded with hundreds of missiles raining down on its civilian populations. And this isn’t even getting started at exposing the true injustices.

If Mr. Foley can recommend his hate-Israel sites, here are a couple alternative recommendations I’d like to make. Google the article: “When evil is in the eyes of the beholder” by Mark S. Miller, and check out the Youtube video: “Is Israel an evil occupier” by Dr. Michael Brown.