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Letter: The failing leaders of Willmar

As I opened the West Central Tribune again this morning (Aug. 21), I see another article written about the Willmar City Council and its lack of leadership regarding the organizational plan for staff.

When a new city administrator was being sought for Willmar, the common question was “Can they embrace and make change and then move the city forward?” I am sure Ms. Stevens can improve our city but there are five members of the current council who cannot.

Sure, I am fiscally conservative and agree that sharing services is the right way to size government but to say that flattening the organizational chart only adds depth is confusing to me. The report explains the benefits when working as a team but it’s obvious that five members of this Council can’t see it that way.

Sharing human resources with Willmar Municipal Utilities may be a good option. Let’s look back over the past few years and ask ourselves. “If I were in business, would I want to partner with the City in a joint venture?” I would guess your answer would be no! (I am aware utilities is a governmental unit of the city.)

I am a former employee of the city and have seen firsthand how the city went from working together and looking at the big picture to being self-serving and looking only at what the council fight about now. Grow up!

Willmar City Council, please do the right thing. Quit micro managing and return to providing leadership for our great city. In the absence of leadership confusion is created and that will need to be addressed either now or at election time.

Citizens wake up and get involved.

Marv Calvin