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Letter: The failure of parenting

Why are people so aghast at the results of bullying? We, the adults, are the ones at fault.

Do we teach respect and consideration of others? Do we give our children a strong foundation in the Christian faith that will give them something to hang on to when the dark days come? And I guarantee, those days will come.

Our language has become coarse and crude, our morals are equivalent to swamp water and the words "gentleman" and "lady-like" are passé because so few of them are around. Now we have a culture that is filled with violence, thievery, child molestation, drugs and the general debasement of society.

The power of discipline has been taken away from teachers and parents. Our children are raised in what amounts to a factory environment and the word "family" has become a pseudo-name for a group whose main purpose is to acquire more. Discipline, nurturing, a secure environment, the teaching of ethics and values, and Sunday school are not on the menu of the average family today.

I am so glad not to be raising children in this filth and can only hope that God can forgive our society. We need a darn good slap up the side of the head and to take back the power we have given away and start being parents again. God help us all.

Patricia Carter Harding